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Our counselling service can help you to make sense of your experiences around cancer. Many people find some of the emotional or mental aspects to be more impactful than the physical ones. Counselling can offer you a space to explore any thoughts and feelings you are experiencing in

a non-judgemental ‘space’.


Counselling may help you to:

· Find space to better understand what is happening to you or a loved one

· Feel understood, no matter what you are thinking or feeling

· Learn techniques and coping strategies

· Feel empowered at a time that might feel overwhelming


Our counsellor, Kate, is trained as a Transactional Analysis therapist, fully insured, and has over five years’ experience working with clients. Transactional Analysis is a humanistic approach which can help us understand how we function psychologically in order to facilitate personal change and growth.


In order for our counsellor to best support you your first session will be an Assessment session. This enables our counsellor to understand what you would like to get out of counselling, and help you to plan your counselling goals. This Assessment session will also be a chance for you to get to know our counsellor as it is important that you feel comfortable talking to them.


Each counselling session, including your assessment, will last for 50 minutes.


We do understand that sometimes you might need to cancel your appointment, and ask that you advise us as soon as possible, so that we may potentially offer the session to another.


All information will be treated confidentially, and in accordance with GDPR Regulations.


*To help us help as many people as possible, we do ask you for a minimum donation of £5.00 per session. We are reliant on self-funding, and this will support our fundraising efforts so much more.

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