Here are some of the very kind comments from some of our friends

who visit us at the drop-in centre; 

"A wonderful group of people who genuinely care and provide

AMAZING support x"

Sharon - Fovant

"Hi. My name is John. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. Then followed a prostatectomy but my cancer had spread beyond the prostate and my PSA kept rising. Then Radiotherapy but still the PSA kept rising. I started hormone treatment in 2014 but again my PSA kept rising and eventually, a scan showed cancer had spread to the spine. The oncologist explained any further treatment was palliative but was given the chance to have radiotherapy by Cyberknife at the Royal Marsden in Chelsea. The PSA is still rising and subsequent treatment has not yet worked. The original Radiotherapy damaged my bladder and I have been admitted through A&E on numerous occasions because of Haematuria and retention. Last year a scan identified a further unconnected tumour and this has been removed. It does wear you down and I ended up being treated for depression.


Last year I discovered Wessex Cancer Trust only for it to close. I was over the moon when Cancer Support Salisbury started up. This is a place you can go and just meet with people who understand exactly how you feel. I have made some lovely friends. The atmosphere is inclusive and you always get a warm welcome. I have taken advantage of the complementary therapy too. Having been a sceptic, to begin with, I now understand how much this helps."


John - Berwick St James

"The Cancer journey is hard and at times overwhelming.

It's normal to feel uncertain about the future and isolated.

Cancer Support Salisbury is an amazing group,

with friends in it I've made for life.

I cannot thank them all enough."

Louise - Wilton

"The ability to sit and chat outside the NHS framework. It is helpful to chat to others both befrienders and other people who have been affected by cancer about some of the after effects ,and find out hope to overcome those effects. To be able to get a therapy that will help in many ways. I find that reflexology relaxes me, but there are other therapies you can have."

Terry - Stapleford

"This is the most welcoming and warm group of people- every time I visit we laugh and nothing is too much trouble 
Even though my mum had cancer years ago: this space offered me support to talk and feel like I wasn’t alone x"


Alex - Chippenham.

c/o The Meeting House

51 Wilton Road

Salisbury    SP2 7EP

United Kingdom


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